Personal stylist, Bath N
ANNABEL N    RTH personal stylist

Hi, I’m Annabel.

My career in the Media and Fashion industry has given me the opportunity to style myself and colleagues for music events, award dinners, and far too many parties!  Having spent the last few years being Mum to two little ones, I completely understand the lack of time, and yet the need for a wardrobe review!

I can advise on you on the perfect outfit for that special occasion, or help build your confidence in your individual style as you go back to work, or if you simply need a wardrobe revamp.

You may have achieved an exercise goal, or a weight-loss target, and require some help to reassess your look.  We can work together to maximise the way your existing clothes can work with new capsule pieces.  

I’d love to hear from you and look forward to doing all I can to help you feel your most confident and amazing self.

                                                   Annabel xx                                                                                                    Annabel   XX